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All books are published in London, except where stated.

All books that have a dustjacket will have a transparent archival protective sleeve fitted at no extra cost before shipping.

The shipping prices given at the checkout are based on an average weight book. If the book you are ordering weighs a lot more than average we may ask for extra shipping. Heavy books will be described as such, and we will never charge more than the quoted amount without asking for your agreement first.

Post is sent out every day from Monday to Friday (and sometimes on Saturdays), and books ordered on weekdays before 4.30pm GMT are usually shipped the same day.

We take pride in the quality of our packaging and books will be well protected in transit.

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The search results are determined by the combination of information entered into the search fields. The more information you enter, the fewer search results that will be returned. The search engine will try to match all the words that you enter in the search fields.

How to Search

On your first search attempt you should only enter 2 or 3 words as your search criteria. If the first search yields too many results, then try entering more search criteria to reduce the search results.

Using Keywords

We recommend that if you have an interest in a particular subject you search by using the keyword feature in Quick Search (above and to the left) - for example, 'fiction' will match all fiction titles, which could be further narrowed down by searching for modern fiction, crime fiction, science fiction, childrens fiction etc. Similarly, 'music' will match all books about music, which could be narrowed down by folk music, rock & pop music, classical music, jazz music etc. Other keywords include fishing, gardening, farming, history, art, dogs, cats, sociology, cookery, theology, history, military, architecture etc.

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